A.B.C.! Always Be Closing

Who can forget the 1992 classic movie Glengarry Glen Ross? (too soon to refer to it as a classic?)  A.B.C. Always Be Closing. That’s the famous line uttered by Alec Balwdin as he lambasted a group of underperforming salesmen.

“Always be closing” sounds like a simple idea, but it isn’t always so simple to implement. So much of our time is spent dealing with mundane tasks, filing, responding to emails, creating reports, etc. To always be closing you need to wake up in the morning and think “What deals am I going to close today”?

But what if you didn’t have to think about it? What if your CRM app could do it for you? Always being closed isn’t just a slogan, it’s a state of mind. Does your CRM app enable you to always be closing? Do you have a default setting on your sales leads which is entitled “Closing”? 

Calls.AI is a simple yet effective way to implement the “Always Be Closing”. It enables you to create customizable tags which can be placed on sales leads that need closing. You can also created customizable columns in which the closing leads will be front and center every time you check your sales pipeline.

Yes, there are other robust CRM platforms which has similar abilities, but none of them are staring you in the face each and every time you to go make a phone call!

At Calls.AI we mean business and we also mean ABC!

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