A CRM app which will give you your life back (at least part of it!)

Like the legendary fountain of youth, work-life balance is one of the mysterious and evasive ideas which working people try to grapple with. Everyone is looking for it, nobody is exactly sure if they have it, and when they do find it they aren’t sure what to do with it!

Where does the time go?

If you are a working parent during Corona time is precious. True, you save time commuting and ferrying kids around but you spend a lot of time trying to connect to zoom classes and getting kids to do their homework. Then there is the additional time spent preparing meals because homebound children seem to have an endless appetite!

In between cooking, cleaning, laundry, kids, and anything else going on in the house, you still have to get actual work done. For many people this often means working late into the night as their household starts to calm down a little. Sales executives, real estate agents and the like are constantly fielding calls, and often don’t have the 5 minutes they need to sit at the computer and plug in all the relevant information about the latest call. So they end up burning the midnight oil catching up on their daily calls and follow up items. 

A pocket CRM 

But why should you have to sit at a computer to update all your leads? Why can’t you plug in the data in seconds during the call? Well, that’s because most CRM apps are robust programs requiring a lot of information with cumbersome navigation. But not everyone needs such a degree of sophistication. Some people just want an app in which they can input some simple customer data to refer back to at a later point in time. 

That’s where Calls.AI comes in. We’ve built a fully customizable CRM app for regular people just looking to store some basic user data. We also feature a unique tagging system, so you can label someone,  ”important client” or “don’t answer”! 

With our newly released price proposal feature you can send a lead an instant price quote  from the app. Now there’s no lag time between the call and when you finally have the time 5 hours later to sit down and send out a proposal with your fancy CRM app .

What will you do at night?

Now that you’re not sitting around half the night inputting data how are you going to keep busy? Well you need to work that out. Calls.AI can’t solve all your problems!

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