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World famous car maker Henry Ford, was claimed to have said, “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses”. All too often companies have to tow that precious line between self innovation and responding to user requests.  At Sync.AI we’re in the same boat as everyone else.

On occasion I will take time to write a little about our company and its achievements. I don’t think there is anything wrong with “bragging” a little about what we accomplish as a team!

The past few weeks have seens some incredible releases from our two flagship products, Calendar.AI and Calls.AI. You see, one of the things we pride ourselves on is receiving and more importantly  acting upon user feedback. 

We’ve gone dark

One of the most popular requests we received for both our apps has been to provide dark mode. Because users want to reserve battery life and or protect their eyes from bright screens this particular request came in quite often.  

How do we know it’s a popular request aside from  just from users? Well according to various statistics, nearly 80%-90% of apps provide dark mode experience. So the prevailing thinking was 90% of other apps can’t be wrong!

Remember, with Calendar.AI you get a powerful calendar and meeting scheduler that enhances your calendar events with enriched data insights about the people and companies you meet.

You can view work history, social profiles, news and more about each participant and company in the meeting. 

The built in meeting scheduler allows user to automate their meeting scheduling and avoid the back-and-forth emails when trying to schedule meetings

A CRM you can call your own

Calls.AI’s genesis was really in the form of a Caller ID which slowly morphed into a full fledged mobile CRM. Our users range from real estate agents, to sales executives, distributors, and freelancers. And from all walks of life, one of the things they said would be super helpful was the ability to export their customs columns list. Working off a mobile phone isn’t ideal and by providing an export function was thought it would certainly enhance people’s abilities to close more deals and generate more sales. 

Feedback as a foundation

User feedback is a foundational building block for our company. As CEO, I personally read every user email relating to feedback. Our goal isn’t just to provide cutting edge communication apps, but rather cutting edge communication apps which provide a serious added value especially in making the lives of our users more productive.

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