An opening message from Sync.AI’s CEO

Your first post as a company is always a challenge! There’s so much to talk about and an abundance of energy and excitement surrounding new products and new ideas.

I’d like to touch on the Sync.AI mission for a minute because that’s truly what makes us tick. The work we do at Sync.AI focuses on empowering day to day utilities, such calendar, dialer, email, and subsequently enriching them with 3rd party data. We provide synchronized actions and communication between them all helping to create shorter and more informed sales, cycles, meetings, saving hours of manual research and inputting data.

It sure sounds like a mouthful so if I’m going to summarize it means we make apps to help increase your productivity. But it’s just not about productivity, i.e “Ok, I have an additional 15 minutes in my life”. It’s about providing crucial business data for your meetings. It’s about you controlling your calendar. It’s about seeing important information regarding potential customers. And it’s about a customizable CRM that you can use to suit personal needs.

But we don’t just create tools in a vacuum. Our guiding light and founding principles is receiving user feedback. We don’t just like to hear from our users, we love it! Good, bad, or indifferent, want to know what you think about our apps.

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