A tale of two calendars


Meet Jack and Diane. Diane is a freelance writer working for large B2B corporations, writing blog posts, press releases, news updates, brochures, and basically any other content they need. She spends 2 full days a week writing, fielding virtually no calls, and responding to emails at night, as she really likes to focus on her writing. 

Now meet Jack. Jack is a freelance graphic designer who works out of a shared office space. His clients are mainly small local businesses and an occasional corporate project. 

Diane has a very strict schedule regarding taking on new clients. All potential clients are scheduled in her calendar during late afternoon hours when her “hand” gets tired of writing. It’s basically non negotiable. Jack takes calls and answers emails non-stop.  

When a prospective new client emails or calls Diane, she responds, “I would love to hear about your project and give it my full attention. Let me send you my calendar scheduling link so you can pick a convenient time for us to talk”. She even has a meeting type labeled “New client”. It takes her literally 30 second to schedule client calls and all at a time which suits her needs. 

Jack is different. He’ll field calls and respond to emails any time of day. He is so concerned with missing out on projects that he doesn’t realize how much time he is wasting having half conversations with people only to then spend an inordinate amount of time working emailing/calling to schedule follow up calls in his calendar. 

Now close your eyes and think to yourself, “Am I a Jack or a Diane?”

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