Are you wasting $11,880 a year? Calendar.AI thinks so!

If you’ve ever worked in an office, chances are you’ve been invited to a meeting or two.  (or three) Have you ever really paid considerable attention to the amount of time spent leading up to meetings and how much money it might be costing you?

Scheduling meetings

If you’ve ever been involved in scheduling a meeting, the following correspondence may seem familiar to you.

“Bob, I am free between 3:00 PM and 5:00 PM on Wednesdays and Thursdays.” 

“Maria, I can’t make this Thursday but next week at that time works for me”

“Sorry Bob, next week I have to leave the office a bit early, but we can do Monday at 2:30?”

“That works for me!”

And this was a rather benign exchange! Sometimes these email chains can go on endlessly until the parties set a date that’s 3 months away or simply give up!

How much money does poor inefficient scheduling cost?

If we think about the amount of time it takes to read an email, process it, check our schedule, write a response, check it again, and send, then repeat for 4 cycles, it comes out to roughly $11,800! 

That’s roughly 11 minutes spent operating the process x $15 an hour for a middle of the road paying job. Now think about the number if you are earning considerably more than than that!

True, everyone says, time is money, but for the most part, we don’t act like it. If your calendar app is just a loading zone for meetings you are truly ripping yourself off!

The Calendar.AI Solution

At Calendar.AI we realized most people are spending way too much time operating than calendar rather than dealing with the actual events in their calendars. The time invested in meetings should be about content, not invitations. 

Our smart scheduling enables you to automate your meeting scheduling with your own personal scheduling page and custom meeting rules. You can even create meeting polls for appointments with multiple participants!

People & Company  Insights

View instant data about the people and companies that you are meeting with. View work history, social media profiles, funding rounds, news, and more.

You’ll be more prepared than ever before by getting all the information you need about meeting attendees directly in the meeting invite. You’ll nail every first impression! (and 2nd and 3rd for that matter!)

Get started with Calendar.AI today and invest that $11,880 somewhere else!

Available on iOS and Android.

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