Five ways to manage your calendar more effectively!

Managing your calendar can sometimes be a headache. Luckily here at Calendar.AI we’re happy to share some simple productivity hacks you can use to best manage your calendar schedule in a productive and positive way. And no, none of these solutions cost money or are terribly difficult to implement.  5 ways to simplify your calendar […]

Five ways to improve your schedules “health”!

Most people’s schedules tend to be a little hectic. And now, with so many people working remotely or in different time zones it can further exacerbate your calendar management. Lucky for you there are a few simple things you can do to keep your schedule flowing smoothly and minimizing surprises throughout the day.  Here are […]

What does “Best Value” CRM really mean?

Value means different things to different people. A family heirloom might be worth very little money but possess tremendous value to the owner. A work of art might look like something painted by a child but if it was discovered to have been painted by someone famous, its value might skyrocket. Various CRM apps also […]

The Verdict Is In: Users love Calendar.AI and Calls.AI!

Yesterday Ken Vinner, our CEO wrote about all the new features we’ve released over the past few weeks. Today, I’ll share with you some of the incredible user feedback we’ve been getting since. We’re constantly asking for user feedback, and luckily our user are happy to oblige! Jeanette K. (Sales) “I absolutely love the new Dark […]

A message from our CEO

World famous car maker Henry Ford, was claimed to have said, “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses”. All too often companies have to tow that precious line between self innovation and responding to user requests.  At Sync.AI we’re in the same boat as everyone else. On occasion […]

Say Goodbye to mental lapses during meetings!

At the end of last week’s football game between the Chicago Bears and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, veteran quarterback Tom Brady made a mental error when he forgot what down it was. Thinking it was only 3rd down, he tried a long downfield pass, as opposed to a simple short drop-off to get the first down. […]

If haven’t found what you’re looking may be time for a new CRM

We’ve all been there. We get a call from a prospective client who we had long ago written off as a cold lead not requiring any further attention. But some people have a lengthy decision making process and circle back long after the fact.  Don’t get frazzled, get the right app “Hi Mike, it’s Joe […]

How to decrease stress when working from home

Working from home sounds like the thrill of a lifetime. There’s no commute, slow easy mornings, and you can even work in your pajamas. But, working from home is only really a thrill if you are the only one home! Add a spouse, kids, pets, and delivery people into the mix and it’s a recipe […]

We can save you from looking through 170,000,000 Google Results!

Which CRM is right for you? Google the word CRM and you’ll get 170,000,000 results! But I don’t need a CRM, I just need a CRM app. Oh, ok, that will only get you 92,000,000 results! Now take 5 years to plough through all that information trying to determine which one is right for you.  […]

A CRM app which will give you your life back (at least part of it!)

Like the legendary fountain of youth, work-life balance is one of the mysterious and evasive ideas which working people try to grapple with. Everyone is looking for it, nobody is exactly sure if they have it, and when they do find it they aren’t sure what to do with it! Where does the time go? […]