Learn how people are using Calendar.AI to keep productive AND stay safe.

Tina Jones was a freelance lawyer specializing in real estate contracts for rentals and sales of residential properties. She herself kept a small office inside an accounting firm. Normally she didn’t mind having clients come to her since it saved her travel time and overall just simplified her life, but for today’s meeting, something just […]

Are you wasting $11,880 a year? Calendar.AI thinks so!

If you’ve ever worked in an office, chances are you’ve been invited to a meeting or two.  (or three) Have you ever really paid considerable attention to the amount of time spent leading up to meetings and how much money it might be costing you? Scheduling meetings If you’ve ever been involved in scheduling a […]

Why real estate agents are turning to Calls.AI to stay organized!

Being a real estate agent is hard work. Agents are constantly on the go, and while they may have an office, they’re certainly not doing their jobs if they aren’t in the field trying to close deals. Imagine you’re an agent who is showing houses all day, and dealing with an endless stream of incoming […]

Is your calendar a “friend” or a “foe”?

Most calendars apps act like a traffic light at best and at worst like a crazy person on the street shouting instructions at you! “Eat lunch now!” “Meet with Mary”! Every day, all day, telling you when to go and when to stop. Who to meet with, and where to meet them. Wouldn’t be it […]

Hot CRM tips from the field!

We asked some of our active users for their most practical tips and suggestions in maximizing their Calls.AI mobile CRM app. Here’s what they had to say.  Jackie Ryan, Real Estate Agent “In my field there is a delicate balance between volume and personalization. I don’t just want to be a factory of house showings […]

Your word is a sacred bond

When life moves too fast. In many industries,  the lag time between talking with a lead and getting a price proposal in their hands could literally mean the difference between closing the sale or losing the lead. Life moves at the speed of light these days but our CRM tools aren’t always built to match […]

Before you meet, define the “meeting why”!


Have you ever found yourself aimlessly setting meetings merely as a reaction to circumstances? It’s almost a Pavlovian response that when something is amiss, the first thought is “better set a meeting”.  When someone on the team voices an interesting idea, everyone says, “Let’s have a meeting about it”. Meetings aren’t supposed to be a […]

Five ways for leaders to shine during meetings!


“Yay, another meeting!” said, nobody ever. It seems like in offices around the world people are constantly being kidnapped and being forced to sit in yet another meeting. “Why is this even in the calendar?”  Why meetings are important A healthy and productive meeting accomplishes many different things in an office. First of all, they […]

Did open space seating, “kill” one-on-one meetings?

One on One Calendar Meetings

The past ten years or so has seen a new fad in the configurations of office space. Whereas once there was a very strong pecking order for offices, views, and size, a more egalitarian outlook has started to permeate the corporate world. Open space became all the rage, with everyone from the CEO to the […]

Are you preparing for success?

Meeting Preperation

The great American statesmen and inventor, Ben Franklin said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing for failure”. Success starts with “P” Before organizing any meeting in your calendar, you should do as much preparation as possible for the meeting. It’s so easy to throw something in your calendar only to wake up that morning […]