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Calls.AI, a mobile CRM app, simplifies your life by enabling you to manage your customers, gather valuable information about them, and save important calls.

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Benefits of Calls.AI

Caller ID for professionals

Caller ID for professionals

Identify & block spam calls and never miss out on potential sales.

Manage your customers

Manage your customers

Create tasks, reminders, and follow-ups, directly from phone calls

Rich insights

Rich insights

See enriched 3rd party data about callers, from certified external data sources

Caller ID for Professionals

  • View rich caller details directly from the app’s call log

  • Always know who’s calling and identify unknown phone calls.

  • Turn phone calls into leads, customers and arrange by groups

  • Block robocalls, spam calls and telemarketers.

People Insights

  • See enriched data about callers with one click

  • View their work history, education and more.

  • Discover their social profiles, job titles, and company details.

  • Knowing your clients in depth, means creating great relationships.

Tasks, Reminders & Follow-ups

  • Create tasks, reminders and follow-ups directly from phone calls

  • A customizable customer relationship management system

  • Sync tasks, reminders, and follow-ups to specific phone calls.

  • User smart-tags to turn calls into tasks, leads and customers.

  • Arrange callers and contacts by groups.

Call Notes

  • Quickly add a summary about phone calls during or after a call.

  • View related notes on the call screen.

  • Integrate your notes with Sync.AI Mail and Calendar.AI

  • Create better relationships with potential customers

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