Does your CRM app say, “Let’s close a deal today?”

In 1951 a man named Micheal Jenkins was living in Bradford, Pennsylvania trying to eke out a living as a candy salesman. His friend, Joey Kurtin, told him of a businessman who was visiting town looking for a local partner for his distribution business. Michael called this man and set an appointment to meet him at his hotel on March 4th at 9:00 AM. 

Well March 3rd was an eventful day in the Jenkins household as they discovered a huge termite mound in the barn. Michael was so wrapped up in dealing with it that he totally forgot about this business meeting. 

March 4th came and went, and the businessman went on his way. It was only a week later when his friend Joey asked him how the meeting went that he realized he had totally forgotten about it. And that’s how it came to be that the contract for the biggest and most successful candy distribution company in Pennsylvania went to someone else.

Obviously Michael didn’t have the luxury of a CRM system, digital alarm clock, or calendar to remind him about this meeting. His CRM “app” could have been a piece of paper thumbtacked to his back door. Instead, he lost the opportunity of a lifetime.  

Why Calls.AI?

Today, there are literally hundreds of CRM systems and CRM apps available. Missing out on a dream deal should be a thing of the past. Yet, all too often we see people with a look of horror on their faces, as they utter these highly unsettling words, “Oh dear, I forgot!” 

What makes Calls.AI so unique as a CRM platform is that you are literally logged in all the time since it doubles as your dialer app. There’s no excuse that you were away from your desk, not logged in, not online, or my dog ate it. 

Check out Calls.AI and see why you’ll never miss out on a chance to close your dream deal.

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