Guess Who!? By Calendar.AI

Guess Who by Calendar.AI

Remember that game where you had to ask questions and discover which person your opponent was holding? We want to play real life guess who but without so many questions! Just identify yourself amongst these meeting personas, or if you prefer, call someone on your team out (We’re kidding, don’t do that!)

Show up to any meeting and inevitably you’ll inevitably encounter some of these characters. 

  • The constant “No”. There’s always someone who responds negatively no matter what is being said. Are you them?
  • “I’d rather be somewhere else.” Be it their body language, lack of participation, or the fact that they are simply cruising FB for the entire meeting, some people simply aren’t interested in being in the meeting. 
  • Story time. We all know the type. They’ll spend 10 minutes telling you a completely unrelated story and get offended when you try and get them to focus. “That story isn’t on our agenda!” 
  • The positive contributor. Oh how we all wish there were more of them. They listen, intently, reply smartly, and don’t waste too much of anybody’s time. 
  • The “serial killer”. They act all polite during the meeting but as soon as it’s over they run and whine to the boss about you and your ideas behind your back.
  • “Late to their own funeral”.  Heaven forbid they should ever show up to a meeting on time. They always seem to show up ten minutes late, looking all frazzled as if they’ve been running a marathon. We all know the truth, they were just sipping coffee and chatting with co-workers!

Did you find yourself on our list? It’s certainly not an exhaustive one. Either way, leave us a comment about who you identify with or let us know which character you “play” in meetings. 

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