Hot CRM tips from the field!

We asked some of our active users for their most practical tips and suggestions in maximizing their Calls.AI mobile CRM app. Here’s what they had to say. 

Jackie Ryan, Real Estate Agent

“In my field there is a delicate balance between volume and personalization. I don’t just want to be a factory of house showings and in order to create a relationship with my clients I need to spend a decent amount of time with them getting to understand their requirements.” 

I use the CRM custom sorting as a visual aid in terms of knowing where my time is spent. My long column is for house showing, and my shorter one is for follow-ups and relationship development. If I see the shorter column is roughly half the length of the longer one I know I am keeping a healthy balance between them. If they grow too close I know I have to start developing more prospects. 

It’s not an exact science, but it is a helpful visual aid for me which I don’t get with other CRM’s, especially ones that aren’t built for my phone.” 

Milton Jenkins, Beverage Distributor

“My beverage warehouse is my office and I am often on my feet dealing with inventory issues and deliveries. Despite having grown our business fairly significantly, I have an old school network of clients which still love to call me directly. The ability to see their accounts on my phone, with their orders, and status, is the main reason I love using Calls.AI’s CRM. 

My customers are always amazed how I am able to remember everything about their account!”

Sharon Lawrence, Cosmetician

Sharon, (not her real name) is a cosmetician who makes house calls. She understands variable pricing and customer loyalty better than most airlines! She knows how to adjust her rates based on her schedule, customer loyalty, and sometimes even the zip code 🙂

“I understand that some people don’t love that there isn’t one price fits all approach, but if it’s good enough for the airlines it’s good enough for me. You can be sure if I am going to get up early on a Sunday  morning, to get a bride ready for her wedding, there’s going to be a bit of a premium pricing attached to it. But if I am heading to a senior citizen’s home for a short Wednesday afternoon visit, I’ll give her the same rate she’s been getting for the last ten years. 

Calls.AI CRM helps me manage my pricing with pricing proposals built right into the app. When I get a call I can send someone a proposal and not have to worry about writing it down somewhere else, making a mistake with the quote etc. I don’t need some large scale CRM but I do need the ability for quick agile insights into my customers and their previous billing as well. Calls.AI’s mobile CRM gives me all of that and much more!

No matter what field you’re in Calls,AI can help you manage your leads and customers to maximize your business!

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