If haven’t found what you’re looking for..it may be time for a new CRM

We’ve all been there. We get a call from a prospective client who we had long ago written off as a cold lead not requiring any further attention. But some people have a lengthy decision making process and circle back long after the fact. 

Don’t get frazzled, get the right app

“Hi Mike, it’s Joe from Midtown Flowers, we’ve given it some thought and we would indeed like to hire you to design our marketing creatives. I hope we can still agree on the original price you sent over.” 

Imagine you’re out of the office and now suddenly you are required to have an instant recall regarding whatever price you originally quoted or start frantically searching through your email chains while you are on the phone with him to find the price proposal. After all, you aren’t a walking CRM system. 

On the one hand, you could tell him you honestly don’t remember the quote and you’ll look it up but you want to give the impression that you are on top of the business, even if it’s a business that didn’t actually happen and occurred three months ago!

Instant Price Proposals

Lucky for you, Calls.AI CRM thought about this issue long before Joe ever called you, and created a wickedly cool price proposal function. Our price proposals are created and sent directly from the CRM app and from within a specific contact. You can create a new price proposal in seconds and send it out across multiple messaging platforms. 

So next time Joe rears his head, 6 months after you send him a price proposal, let Calls.AI CRM handle it!

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