Is your calendar a “friend” or a “foe”?

Most calendars apps act like a traffic light at best and at worst like a crazy person on the street shouting instructions at you! “Eat lunch now!” “Meet with Mary”! Every day, all day, telling you when to go and when to stop. Who to meet with, and where to meet them. Wouldn’t be it nice to get some context with those instructions. What if I am not hungry now?!

What if it’s not convenient for me to meet Mary for coffee near her house? Those types of calendars are called foe’s

Make “friends” with your calendar

An exceptional mobile calendar app should ideally turn into your best friend. It should know your habits backwards and forwards and most importantly, when and when not to schedule meetings for you. So maybe your calendar can’t exactly handle that all by itself, but you can certainly program it to! All it takes is a few seconds to block off that special time with your children, or that all important time for the midday bike ride, but either way, it is in your hands to let you calendar tell everyone in the world, “I am not available now!”

Let your calendar do the heavy lifting. 

There’s never an excuse to walk into a meeting blind. First of all, it simply is a waste of your time not knowing who you are meeting with and what it is all about. But also, if it’s a serious business meeting you want to come to the table with all the relevant details regarding your contact. But how much time do you have to surf the web looking for people’s work history, blogs, news mentions, social profiles etc. Calendar.AI gives it to you in one tidy little package with the tap of a button. 

Here’s the friend or foe calendar app checklist!

  1. If your calendar provides enriched business insights about the people and companies you meet with, it’s a friend. If it just tell you that you are meeting with Bob, it’s a foe. 
  1. If your calendar provides a no-hassle smart scheduling link with built in availability, it’s a friend. If it forces you to send 31 emails to schedule a meeting…it’s a foe. 
  1. If your calendar app acts like an executive assistant keeping your schedule open for the important things in life, it’s a friend. If your calendar allows other people to trample all over your schedule, it’s a foe. 
  1. If your calendar enables you to schedule meetings with multiple people by taking a simple meeting poll to find the most convenient time, saving endless back and forth emails…it’s a friend! If not…it’s a foe

If your calendar isn’t doing any of the things listed above, it’s a “foe” and may even be out to get you! 

All kidding aside there’s literally only one mobile calendar app on the market which can check all those boxes, and that’s Calendar.AI!

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