Learn how people are using Calendar.AI to keep productive AND stay safe.

Tina Jones was a freelance lawyer specializing in real estate contracts for rentals and sales of residential properties. She herself kept a small office inside an accounting firm. Normally she didn’t mind having clients come to her since it saved her travel time and overall just simplified her life, but for today’s meeting, something just felt off. 

Aggressive clients

Tina weeded out prospective clients as best she could and tried to take on new business that came through referrals but sometimes people found her the old-fashioned way, they Googled her. 

Today was one such case when a man called and asked her to see her immediately. She was somewhat suspicious because usually contracts don’t need same day service, but he said he had been working with another lawyer who wasn’t responding. When pressed for their name he wouldn’t provide it. He was insisting he needed immediate attention and as an independent worker it’s not always easy to turn down clients.  

Using technology productively  

Her address wasn’t publicly listed and she was weary about bringing this odd caller to her office, especially since all the accountants were out for the day. She asked him for all his details and said she’ll try and juggle her schedule to fit him in. He asked, “We’re meeting in your office right?” Now she really got a knot in her stomach. 

She quickly plugged his name and email address into her Calendar.AI scheduling app and all his information came up. His twitter feed was littered with violent videos. His LinkedIn profile hasn’t been updated in 3 years and he only sporadically held various odd jobs. There were various news articles about arrests for battery. These were some serious red flags and Tina certainly wasn’t going to take any chances. 

Move the meeting in her calendar. 

Tina was in a real bind now. With the information at her disposal this didn’t seem like a serious client but she didn’t just want to turn him down for a meeting without cause. Instead she said she had a schedule meeting in a coffee shop a few blocks away and suggested they meet there. She said it was the only way to squeeze him in that day. 

Saving time and so much more

To make a long story short, once she suggested to move the meeting to a public location he backed off from the urgency. He came up with some weird reason why he couldn’t meet and said he’d be in touch. Needless to say, he wasn’t. 

Calendar.AI scheduling app isn’t just about making it easier to schedule meetings hassle free (but it sure helps!) The enriched data insights it provides into your meetings make your more productive, and in Tina’s case perhaps even more safe. 

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