Say Goodbye to mental lapses during meetings!

At the end of last week’s football game between the Chicago Bears and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, veteran quarterback Tom Brady made a mental error when he forgot what down it was. Thinking it was only 3rd down, he tried a long downfield pass, as opposed to a simple short drop-off to get the first down. When the ball landed incomplete he held up 4 fingers as if to show, now it’s 4th down, when clearly that was the end of the game. Just about everyone on the field realized his mistake. 

Mental Lapses Happen to Everyone

Do anything for a long enough time and you are bound to make some mental mistakes. How many times have you ever walked into a meeting, and thought, “What on earth is this meeting about, who am I meeting with, and how did I get here?!” It can be awfully embarrassing when you need to be briefed by the meeting attendees as to why you are there!

How Calendar.AI can help!

Most calendar apps are great at keeping track of your schedule and telling you what meeting to run to next, but only with Calendar.AI do you get actual insights into your meetings,as well as the people and companies that you meet with. 

Our enriched data insights pull data from all over the web so you get instant data about the people and companies in the meetings you attend. So the next time you have a mental blackout about a meeting, all the information you need is in the appointment in the Calendar.AI app. Social media profiles, company news, blogs, work history etc are all presented at the tap of a button. 

We offer more than just data

But we do more than just provide information. Our smart scheduling allows you to automate your meeting scheduling with your own personal scheduling page and custom meeting rules. So say goodbye to mental lapses of accepting meetings which trample upon important family events, exercise classes or that weekly meeting with your boss! With a personalized scheduling link there’s never any reason for 41 back and forth emails about the best time to meet. Your attendees will see your availability and schedule accordingly. 

You may have a mental lapse when it comes to a meeting but if you’re using Calendar.AI, we’ve got your back!

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