“Senior moments” & CRM systems

Anybody out there ever had a “senior moment”? You know when “Joe” calls you all excited about the tickets to the game you sent over because he’s such a dedicated customer but for some reason you don’t remember which account is his?

Or what about when “Linda” calls you all enthusiastically about wanting to close on that house she saw on Maple street, the only challenge being you took two “Linda’s” there and have literally no clue which client is which!

It’s probably right then and there you were kicking yourself for not having a proper CRM. But then again, how would a CRM system have helped you. If you aren’t in front of your computer  you probably aren’t going to have time to login to their account on your phone while you are talking to them.  

Know this – not all CRM platforms are created equally. Yes, some provide extensive bells and whistles, while others are fairly simple, “simple” but can manage your customers in an organized manner and provide vital business information when you need it.

I admit, all this was leading up to a pitch for Calls.AI. But seriously, if you are a small business, freelancer, supplier, or real estate agent, you may not want to invest in an all encompassing CRM system. With Calls.AI you can track your customers and their account directly from your dialer. Meaning, when they call, you’ll see all the information you need right on the screen.

So say goodbye to senior moments, and say hello to Calls.AI!

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