The Verdict Is In: Users love Calendar.AI and Calls.AI!

Yesterday Ken Vinner, our CEO wrote about all the new features we’ve released over the past few weeks. Today, I’ll share with you some of the incredible user feedback we’ve been getting since. We’re constantly asking for user feedback, and luckily our user are happy to oblige!

Jeanette K. (Sales)

“I absolutely love the new Dark Mode feature on the calendar app. It’s easy on my eyes and saves my battery life. Great user experience as well!”

Darvis K. (Laywer)

“Without a shadow of a doubt, this calendar app is way better than Google Calendar. It’s the perfect for my hectic schedule. I walk into every meeting with a head’s up as to who and what to expect. No assistant could provide that.” 

Tracy T. (Marketing)

“With a team spread out across the globe and multiple time zones, I need a calendar app which enables us to set meetings without trampling on each other’s schedule. Calendar.AI does all that and much more!”

Barret J. (High End Mechanic)

“My clients are the most important thing to me, and knowing every detail about them is critical. They all think I have some special super power of recall knowing all the information about them and their card. In reality my secret weapon is Calls.AI”

Katie L. (Real Estate Agent)

“I tried so many CRM apps to help me keep track of my clients and customers but Calls.AI provided the most value and best features. A personalized CRM combined with a Caller ID is a dream. Combine that with the new price proposals features and I have one kick-ass app!”

Jack T. (Salesmen)

“I sell all sorts of metal items. I don’t have a fancy website and my clients are old timers who like to reach me by phone. But, they also want things in writing. The price proposal feature in the CRM app enables me to send instant quotes, making my sales process smooth and efficient.”

Mark T. (Freelance Designer)

“When I woke up and saw that my favorite CRM app now had Dark Mode I thought it was Christmas come early!

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