We can save you from looking through 170,000,000 Google Results!

Which CRM is right for you?

Google the word CRM and you’ll get 170,000,000 results! But I don’t need a CRM, I just need a CRM app. Oh, ok, that will only get you 92,000,000 results! Now take 5 years to plough through all that information trying to determine which one is right for you. 

How to choose a CRM app?

When searching for a CRM app, there are quite a few things to consider. For most independent business people there is obviously the cost. They can’t afford large scale SaaS solutions, nor do the likely even need one. 

Then there are all the features. Some CRM apps charge for whatever features you add on, sort of like buying a new car. You want a leather interior with that? Great, but it will cost you. 

Some CRM apps charge for the data you store. If your client base is only 500 users, you should be ok, But heaven forbid you actually grow your business to 5K customers, not you suddenly find yourself paying exorbitant fees for that CRM app which only a few months ago was quite affordable. 

We’ll save you some time!

With Calls.AI CRM app, there are no surprises, no hidden fees, no add-ons, and no bulky systems to installs. It’s literally a CRM which becomes part of your dialer. It includes a fully customizable dashboard you can use to track your leads and your sales. 

What else does the CRM app do?

We’re so glad you asked! Calls.AI provides enriched 3rd party data from legitimate external sources so you can see all the information you need about your leads and callers. No need to spend your precious time searching for them on Google and or LinkedIn. 

We also offer one click price proposals which can be sent directly from the app. You can input the information for the sale in the app, and send an instant proposal through any major messaging channel. 

Who is Calls.AI meant for?

Calls.AI is for professionals who value their time! Our Caller ID components means you no longer have to answer unidenfiable calls, because we can tell you exactly who is calling. Stop wasting your time with robocalls and tele-marketers.

Small business owners looking to maintain simple but efficient customer records find Calls.AI invaluable. We have real estate professionals, lawyers, freelancers, and executives all in our customer base.

What don’t we do?

Sorry, you still have to prepare your own breakfast and make your own coffee 🙂

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