What does “Best Value” CRM really mean?

Value means different things to different people. A family heirloom might be worth very little money but possess tremendous value to the owner. A work of art might look like something painted by a child but if it was discovered to have been painted by someone famous, its value might skyrocket. Various CRM apps also have different “values”.

Google “high value CRM” and you’ll end up with dozens of apps all claiming to be the best valued CRM. Some of them come with literally hundreds of  features while others boast millions of users. Some refer to price as best value while others are referring to ease of use. But what is truly valuable within a CRM is entirely based on your specific needs!

The Value of Calls.AI

With Calls.AI our value is literally built into the entire app. Ease of use, features, professional level caller ID, the fact that it is fully customizable, the enriched data insights into customers we provide and of course, the price as well. 

Let’s start with the enriched user insights, which is the foundation of our CRM and Caller ID. Using a network of 3rd party data sources, Calls.AI is able to filter out SPAM phone calls, thus enabling you to spend your time focused on real incoming leads. Our enriched data insights allows you to view critical information about those leads helping you make the best business decisions on the spot. 

Alongside our Caller ID and enriched data insights, we have a price proposal feature, which can be accessed and sent directly from the app through multiple channels to your leads, instantly. No inputting data into other systems and no waiting till you are sitting down at your computer to get the price proposal out to your lead, who is no doubt anxiously awaiting it.

More Than Just Features 

Another important value for us as a company is user feedback. We are in a constant loop of feedback and improvements based on user suggestions. From our CEO, down to the more junior developer, we are all zoned in on receiving and acting on customer feedback. If that’s an important value for your CRM, then you’ve come to the right place!

About our customers

Our customers are mainly small business owners, freelancers, real estate agents, lawyers, and the like who are managing their own little slice of business. Most of them need some form of a customizable CRM to manage their leads and customers as opposed to a massively robust system meant for enterprise level companies. If this sounds like you, and you haven’t tried our CRM app yet, download today and see if we indeed provide the value you are looking for!

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