When’s the best time for that meeting!?

Before we introduce our meeting poll feature, we have a few questions we’d like to ask.

  • Have you ever despaired while trying to schedule a meeting with multiple people and just didn’t bother scheduling it in the end?
  • Have meeting attendees sent you unintelligible emails about when they have time in their calendar and when they don’t?
  • Have you spent hours emailing  people back and forth trying to find the perfect time slot in everyone’s calendar for a meeting?
  • Have you ever randomly pulled a time out of hat to schedule a meeting?
  • Have you ever played “chicken” with people’s calendar’s, scheduling meetings on top of other events they have hoping they’d “blink” first and accept yours?

If you answered yes, to any of these questions, then meting polls is for you!

What are meeting polls?

Meeting polls are a simple way to work out when is the most convenient time for multiple invitees to meet, without the need for 27 emails and or phone calls.

As the meeting organizer you choose the best available slots in your own calendar and send the options to the meeting invitees.

They in turn can then “vote’ which time slot works best for their schedule.

Once everyone has had their say, you set the meeting based on everyone’s overlapping availability.

Scheduling a meeting with multiple people has never been simpler!

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