Why real estate agents are turning to Calls.AI to stay organized!

Being a real estate agent is hard work. Agents are constantly on the go, and while they may have an office, they’re certainly not doing their jobs if they aren’t in the field trying to close deals. Imagine you’re an agent who is showing houses all day, and dealing with an endless stream of incoming calls. How can you possibly remember every detail of every caller, what you discussed, action items, etc.

Write it down? Where?! And with what…a pen and paper? Then  you still have to enter the information into some type of CRM, which takes an extraordinary amount of time and can only be done when you’re back at your desk. 

Meet Calls.AI

Why bother with bloated CRM’s when you can drop all the information you need directly into the call log with Calls.AI! With Calls.AI your dialer becomes your CRM without the need to manually insert information  to other platforms or apps. Sort and handle your call log, in a unique and powerful method by dragging preferred and potential lead into the appropriate column which can be full customized. (Follow- up, VIP, DONE…)

Personal CRM and Sales App 

With Calls.AI you can create a bespoke CRM with your own tags and titles in second. It provides the ability to view enriched 3rd party data about the people who call you, from certified external data sources. Toss in our notes, tasks, and follow ups, you’ve got a full CRM built directly into your dialer. No papers, no forms, no fuss, and no forgetting. It’s the perfect CRM for agents who are always on the go!

Caller ID & Call Blocker

Identify & block unknown callers, spam phone calls, or robocalls, and never miss out potential customers and sales opportunities.Discover rich insights about your callers,  including their work history, education, job titles, company details, and social media profiles. 

Reminders, Tasks, Follow-up & Notes

You’ll never miss a sales opportunity with Calls.AI. Create tasks, notes, reminders, and follow-ups directly from any phone call and manage your sales CRM. Use smart tags to turn phone calls into tasks, leads, or customers, and stay in touch with prospects.

But don’t take our word for it..

Murphy Patterson, Real estate consultant

“I am constantly in the field showing houses but my phone is also constantly ringing. For me it’s trying to delicately balance the need to give a client my undivided attention but also be available for other clients. 

Calls.AI doesn’t just show me what number is calling, it gives me a head’s up display of all their relevant information so I know if this is a client who I absolutely have to answer now, or it’s someone who can wait. And it blocks all SPAM calls so I never have to answer those! 

Jackie Mitchel, Real estate consultant

I had an endless pile of papers I was constantly pouring through trying to find the details I needed about certain clients. At some point it was totally overwhelming. Calls.AI provides me with a perfect solution. A simple yet efficient solution for organizing my leads and customers along with the ability to keep information about them right in their contact details. 

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