Your word is a sacred bond

When life moves too fast.

In many industries,  the lag time between talking with a lead and getting a price proposal in their hands could literally mean the difference between closing the sale or losing the lead. Life moves at the speed of light these days but our CRM tools aren’t always built to match our pace. 

Where are you when that phone rings?

Sales people aren’t always at their desks when the calls come in and sometimes they get distracted when they hang up the phone. How many times has a lead called you and asked for a simple price proposal, and you said, “Sure, I’ll get it out to you just as soon as I can,” which sometimes means getting back to them 6 hours later, as you pour over your to-do list. 

Introducing “Price Proposals”!

At Calls.AI we wanted to close the gap between talking with a lead, logging into your CRM system to input the relevant data, and sending them a price proposal. Now you can create and send instant price proposals directly from the mobile CRM app to send to leads via multiple messaging channels.  After talking with a lead, click “add proposal” in the contact, enter the details, and send. 

Our word is our sacred bond

All salespeople know that trust is the basis of a relationship. Let down a prospect once, and they may let it go, make a habit out of it, and you are doomed to fail. When you tell a lead, “I’ll get that to you immediately”, using Calls.AI, you can stand by your word. It’s a one-click hassle free way to send instant price proposals to leads.

Use instant price proposals, and you’ll never miss a chance to turn a lead into a customer!

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