Cut your travel anxiety with Calendar.AI!

Let’s talk about anxiety for a minute. Anxiety is a health condition that can cause feelings of worry, fear, or tension. Anxiety has even been known to cause panic attacks and physical ailments, such as chest pains.

As incredible as it may seem, anxiety disorders are somewhat common. According to one study, up to 40 million people in the United States, suffer from some form of diagnosed anxiety. The causes of anxiety disorders may seem simple but are actually somewhat complicated. They can even be traced to genetics. What does this have to do with Calendar.AI mobile calendar app?

What triggers anxiety and how can a mobile calendar app help?

There are numerous triggers regarding anxiety. One of them is justy overall stress and another is general conflict. Both of these lead to negative thoughts and emotions which is also not a create activity for people who are prone to anxiety. So it is just about scheduling a little relaxation time in your mobile calendar app to help “reset yourself”? It might be, but we’ve gone a little further for you!

Cut down your travel anxiety with Calendar.AI mobile calendar app

One of the biggest causes of stress in our lives in travel. Plane, train, automobile, it almost doesn’t matter. Travel is a constant source of stress for people. Delays, security checks, poor weather, traffic, etc all add to the headaches of travel. 

Well Calendar.AI can’t control the weather, but we can tell you when to leave! Our new travel time feature will help cut some of the travel stress by getting you where you need to be on time, every time and it all starts by telling you when to leave!

Claim your 7 day free trial!

We get it, perhaps you aren’t convinced that a mobile calendar app can really help you lower your stress levels. So for a limited time we’re offering a 7 day free trial for all news users! That’s right, a stress free trial and a stress lowering feature in travel time. It’s no surprise our mobile calendar app was rated #1 by Android Headlines last year!

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