Are you stuck in “meeting scheduling” hell?

What’s on your schedule for today?

Give us three guesses but if we had to guess what’s on your agenda for today,  we’re probably going to only need one! Meetings, meetings, meetings, and even more zoom meetings. If you’re a freelancer, sales manager, product developer, customer success person, or even just a CEO, chances are a major part of your day is spent in meetings. Even worse than the meetings themselves can be the scheduling of meetings which takes an enormous amount of time and mental energy. 

You spend hours trying to accomodate someone only to find out one day before that once again, they are looking to reschedule a meeting. How many of you can relate to the lengthy email chains and back-and-forth messages just trying to create one simple zoom meeting?!.

Lucky for you, Calendar.AI has tackled and dare we say, solved this meeting scheduling process. 

Meeting Polls

A meeting poll is exactly what it sounds like but it’s even more “delicious” than you can imagine. Say for example you need to schedule a zoom meeting with 4 stakeholders in a company about a specific issue. Simply enable them to choose the best time for all, and set your meetings based on a mutually agreed upon time slot. 

So what can I schedule?

Family get-togethers! 

Have you ever tried to schedule a family get together with a large number of people. It can turn into a living nightmare with everyone throwing out potential meeting dates one second to the next. Even if it’s only a zoom meeting, it’s still a royal pain in the neck. Post a meeting poll, get everyone to vote and schedule accordingly!

Friendly sports games

When was the last time you attempted to get 15 friends together for a little pickup basketball. Obviously this is one meeting which you can’t do via zoom. Maybe, just maybe you were able to close on a day, but try zooming into a specific time! With Calendar.AI meeting polls you can get everyone’s input and set your game for the best time.

Still not convinced? Try Calendar.AI on iOS for free with our 7 day free trial offer! Go ahead and get yourself out of meeting hell and move up to meeting “purgatory”! 

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