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Life was always a little hectic, but with the onset of Corona the pace of living seems to have gotten more frenetic, even with all the lockdowns!

From jobs, to children, worrying about aged parents, maintaining relationships with friends, etc. keeping a solid schedule is tough. Not only that but with so many messages coming in across so many different channels it seems almost impossible at times to keep track of our own schedules. 

Calendar.AI wants to help you find some order in that calendar and scheduler with our business calendar app for iOS. Now Calendar.AI is offering a free 7 day trial with unlimited enriched business insights into your meetings. You’ll discover everything you need to know about the people and companies you meet with! You’ll come prepared to every meeting to create a great first impression and close every deal. But that’s not all…

Smart Scheduling

This is by far one of our most beloved features for the calendar app and meeting scheduler as it completely automates the meeting scheduling process. You can eliminate all the hassles about who is available and when they are available in one tap of a button. Simply set your availability in the scheduler and enable everyone else to set a meeting based on your schedule. You’ll not only save time for yourself, but  for every person trying to set a meeting with you. 

Calendar Integrations 

With Calendar.AI, you can integrate all of your email accounts into one simple interphase. You’ll view your entire schedule through the prism of Calendar.AI and get all the data you need about your upcoming meetings. Calendar.AI works with Gmail and Microsoft Outlook so your business email accounts are covered! 

Start your free trial today!

The 7-day free trial offers you an opportunity to see just how Sync.AI’s Calendar.AI business calendar app and scheduler can work for you, and allows you to access all of it’s features right from the start! You’ll boost your productivity instantly. So go ahead, start your free trial on Calendar.AI iOS and supercharge your calendar!  

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