Join the Dark Side!

Ok, we admit it, our Calendar.AI iOS version was a little bit jealous of the Calendar.AI Android version. We’ve had dark mode on Calendar.AI business calendar app in Android for nearly 4 months already so the launch for iOS was eagerly awaited by our iOS users

What does dark mode actually mean?

It seems the tech giants squabble amongst themselves about the utility of dark mode. Apple says that dark mode “makes it easier to stay focused on your screen and on your work.” Microsoft says dark mode “reduces the strain on your eyes and improves battery life” Google says it “improves visibility for users with low vision and those who are sensitive to bright lights.” So it seems like they all agree on one thing – it’s something which absolutely benefits users and is a highly desirable feature. Most apps in both app stores feature dark mode at some point in their lifespan. 

Business Calendar Apps

You might say, aren’t there other business calendar apps which also feature dark more?! That may be true, buy only Calendar.AI business calendar app has user insights featuring 3rd party enriched data about the people and business you meet with. When you have a meeting scheduled with our calendar app you’ll end up doing a lot of reading about who you are meeting with, so the dark mode feature will definitely come in handy!

Longer Battery Life

Google experts have commented that using apps with dark mode features can extend the life of your battery by 15%! For people who are on the go, from meeting to meeting, this can be a major life saver as the day wears on. Having the world’s greatest business calendar app won’t do you any good when your phone dies! And not having to strain your eyes is an added bonus. You can save all your energy for your meetings to help close more deals. 

Go Dark Today!

Dark mode on Calendar.AI available now on iOS. As the saying goes, better late than never! Install the app and check it out for yourself. While you are there, be sure to start your 7 day free trial!

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