Better tasks lead to a better time

Last week we wrote a lot about task management because it is an integral part of our mobile CRM app. The ability to track tasks to leads and sales is critical for most small businesses’s success. But tasks go far beyond just the X’s and O’s so to speak. Better task management also leads to better time management so if your mobile CRM app isn’t advancing you along those lines as well, maybe it’s time to start shopping!

Time management matters

Happy employees are generally those that are challenged, rewarded, empowered, and in control, especially of their time. Gone are the days when a boss stood at the front door with a watch at 9:00 AM and waited to see who the stragglers were. 

Of course on the back end of the day the reverse was also true. Often bosses sat around waiting for their last employee to leave so they wouldn’t be seen putting in less time than them. This tactic ignores some simple fact in life. We all work differently. 

Peak performance hours

Your mobile CRM app works non stop, or at least until your phone dies! Human beings however all work different hours. Some people love to surf in the morning and get their work done in the afternoon/evenings. Others want to clear their task load and then head home for an early evening with family and friends. 

With more employees than ever working remotely it is clear that the most effective way to manage employees is to give them goals and tasks, but the flexibility they need to reach them the way they want assuming, there is no negative impact on other team members. 

Schedule “Me” Time

“Me time” is that time almost every person alive needs to have some time alone with their own thoughts and to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Go ahead, put it in as a task in your mobile CRM app and allocate it to yourself! If you work hard, not only do you deserve it, but you need it. 

With the onset of Corona and so many people working from home they have no outlet for that much needed quiet time. So take 15 minutes and go for a walk outside. Get up early and sit on your porch alone with your thoughts and the chirping birds. Do something to spoil yourself and get that ever elusive peace of mind. 

Focus on the big picture

Task management always needs to connect to the overall company strategy.  Your mobile CRM app will allow for endless tasks, but it won’t always tell you if those are related to the overall strategy. So it’s important to review the task lists in your mobile CRM app and make sure they are directly intertwined with what your company is trying to accomplish. 

A healthy task list leads to a better and more productive work/life balance!

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