What are your important tasks?

A CRM app task manager is only as good as the input we are putting in. Part of managing tasks, is knowing what goes into the system. Good input can equal excellent ouput!

Are your tasks time wasters?

One the oldest tricks in the psychology book people fall prey too is putting in meaningless tasks into the tasks list. If they have 10 tasks, perhaps 2 are actually of significant importance, relating to leads, sales, and actual CRM activity. The rest are all fillers so at the end of the day they can check boxes off and feel good about themselves. 

Are you managing employees?

One of the most important management tasks to pencil in is coaching or mentoring. Managers must be the persons who will show to their subordinates or team members the right direction where the organization will need to go. They need to develop and cultivate talent. You can have the fanciest CRM app but if you aren’t mentoring your sales people a little it won’t help close the deals. 

Planning around your CRM

Do your tasks match your actual business plans? We often get lost in the details of small tasks which are completely disconnected from the greater strategic picture. No CRM app can tell you if this task will further advance you on the road to success. You need to make sure you’re matching tasks to goals. 

Are you delegating tasks?

Our CRM apps can be lovely vacuums, sucking up every task we put into them along the way. But not every task needs to be done by the person inputting it into the CRM system. In fact, great managers are experts in delegation. Your CRM app should be flexible enough to enable you to delegate tasks to your employees which free you up for other management tasks. 

Are your tasks motivational and or transformational?

This is similar to the point above regarding the input of meaningless tasks into a CRM app but on a slightly deeper level. If you have tasks in a CRM app system, they should be tasks which motivate you and or your employees. They should be tasks which are transformational in terms of growth or business success. Nobody wants to encounter a CRM app with tasks which are mundane, cold, annoying, and mind numbing.  

So go back to your CRM app task list today and double check all your tasks! Make sure they are exciting, important, transformational, and connected to business goals!

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