Five more ways to boost sales calls on Zoom!

Yesterday we wrote about different techniques people can use to help boost sales when working via video conferencing. With more and more sales happening over video conferencing we thought we’d expound on this topic.

So today, we’ll tack on another 5 ideas as well! 

  1. Provide them with your undivided attention during the meeting. We all know one of the cardinal sins of video conferencing is appearing to be doing something else while another person is speaking. You may be listening but it’s just plain rude. You wouldn’t take out your phone if they were sitting in front of you, so don’t do it just because they are on Zoom.
  1. Yesterday we wrote about the importance of putting stop lights in your “schpiel”. But more importantly than that is getting started. After the socially acceptable “hello and how are you’s”, there can sometimes be a long and awkward silence. You are doing the selling. You asked for this video conference. So you better get right into this meeting it or risk your customer losing patience. 
  1. Personalize the meeting invite! If you are sending out a generic meeting invite with “Meeting to discuss the potential collaboration…blah blah blah” Your customer might accept the meeting invitation but it will leave absolutely no memorable impression. Try and list the product benefits in the invite, as opposed to just the name of the product itself. 
  1. Add a little flavor and a little bit of fun. This might be more relevant for a call with someone you have already developed a bit of a relationship with but if it is relevant and you don’t think it will come across as creepy, send them a small snack or beverage to enjoy during the call. Chances are they will be too polite to snack while you are talking but it will certainly leave a great impression. 
  1. Get their buy in for the next step…or don’t. When a sales meeting is over you should be able to clearly gauge this lead’s interest in your business. If you can’t, don’t be afraid to ask them about it directly. You’ll save yourself endless time chasing down irrelevant business and can put your efforts into more fruitful prospects.

Even though selling through Zoom isn’t ideal, it can still be productive and even a bit of fun!

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