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In every business there’s a need for experimentation. Stores experiment with their layout, lighting, and merchandising. Online retailers optimize landing pages and checkout pages. At Calendar.AI we’ve spent a lot of time experimenting with our calendar but we recently launched a new initiative regarding our premium upgrades. 

For a limited time Calendar.AI is offering a free trial on for a premium upgrade on our calendar app. That’s right, free trial! No hidden costs, no catch, cancel any time, literally and totally, free trial. And what exactly does a premium upgrade get you access to?

Enriched Data 

With your free trial, you’ll get access to a powerful calendar and meeting scheduler that enhances your calendar events with insights about the people and companies you meet with. You can view work history, social profiles, news and more. You’ll show up for every meeting prepared with all the information you need to make a great first impression and close the deal. 

Smart Calendar App

Our built in meeting scheduler allows you to automate your meeting scheduling and avoid the back-and-forth emails when trying to schedule meetings. Just send your calendar scheduling and allow people to schedule meetings based on your availability. With the new reminders feature your meeting participants will get a reminder about their meeting with you so you’ll always be on schedule. 

Meeting Polls

Is there anything more painful in life than trying to schedule a meeting with 6 different people at the same time? (Aside from root canal…!) With Calendar.AI you can create and send a simple meeting poll, enabling everyone let you know their availability. See when people have overlapping availability and set your meetings accordingly in the calendar. No-hassle, no-fuss, and no endless email chains!

Tasks, Note, and Follow-Ups

What good are meetings if you can’t find the action items related to them? With Calendar.AI you can keep track of all your notes and action items in the calendar invite. With our sophisticated search function you’ll be able to access them instantly! There’s even a place for you to keep your own private notes, for your eyes only. 

Start your free trial today!

There’s never been a better time to try a new calendar app…especially one as sophisticated as Calendar.AI! When we say, free trial, we mean free trial!

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