Another word from our CEO!

You may have noticed that last week we launched a new website where you can check out our latest apps, read about future releases, and catch up on productivity tips from our blog. (It is ironic, because if you’re reading this then you definitely know about our blog!)

Sync.AI has already tackled the calendar app world and CRM space with our flagship apps, Calendar.AI and Calls.AI. So you are probably wondering what else do we have up our sleeves? What is our “long game”, as the saying goes. 

In short, we’re aiming to create holistic communications apps which are all seamlessly integrated with one another. So many of us use multiple messaging apps and then endlessly scrounge around looking for messages, tasks, and follow ups, in a variety of places. It can all get quite exasperating!

Maybe we get an email with an interesting sound business proposal, but not realizing the guy sending it is the same person we spoke to 6 months ago and who is wasting our time. 

Maybe you are running late for a meeting and need some up to date information about the tasks related to the attendees, but each one is in a separate location and definitely not in the calendar invite.  

Maybe you don’t recognize the name of the caller on your phone at first and want to pull up all the correspondences you’ve had with them instantly. You’d need a connected CRM, Caller ID and email program to do that!

Sync.AI’s next big project is to create a system of interconnected messaging apps, including email, which will function in a way no other apps have before. Imagine your calendar app is in constant “discussion” with your dialer and email. Imagine your email can dig into your calendar and automatically send the latest agenda updates to the meeting participants. Imagine your CRM sends a price proposal to a client on WhatsApp because that’s what they requested but when that client subsequently sends their order through an email the price proposal is listed right along with it. 

But we’re not doing these things because we think they are “cool”. We’re doing them so that you the user can reap the benefits of increased productivity. Your calendar, CRM, email, and any other communications app should not be a burden unto you, and if they are perhaps you aren’t using the right apps. 

And to sound like one of those corny late night infomercials….but wait, there’s more! But I’ll let you digest this a bit before I delve deeper. 

So stick around for the ride, because the best is yet to come!

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