Does your CRM give you permission to sell?!

There’s an excellent book written by Seth Godin called Permission Marketing in which he describes the idea that marketers should use opt-ins to capture audience attention and not SPAM people with messaging. 

I think we could expand on that idea to permission sales as well. How many times do we call a prospect on the first of the month, because that is what is expected of us by our manager? How often do we try to reach out to a contact exactly one week after they said, “Maybe try me again in a week or so?” How often do we estimate the sales cycle of our products on behalf of others and call them with another offer when we think they’ve cycled through their current inventory. 

True some CRM’s have come a long way and enable for more detailed customer information but there’s a lot more which can be one with a customized solution. In short, you need a CRM which enables you to do permission sales. 

The Calls.AI CRM app, can do exactly all that and more! We enable salespeople to customize their CRM with everything from contact details, tags, columns their prospects are located in, tasks, etc. Imagine having a column of people entitled, “Call on Tuesdays”. Why Tuesdays? Because these people have specifically said, they have more time to talk in the middle of the week. 

What about connecting with our other app, Calendar.AI and sending them a meeting link in which they can schedule the time for a call? “According to our records it looks like it’s time to replenish your inventory, click here and book a time at your convenience for us to discuss business.” 

These are all ways in which it is more likely than not your prospect will give you their full attention, since you are calling them on their terms and not yours. If your CRM app is just a storage space for details but not providing any added value in terms of permission sales, maybe it’s time to give a new CRM app a try? 

Best part of the Calls.AI CRM is that it is truly free and not “free” like all those other “free CRM apps”. Our upgrade doesn’t unlock vital features or ask for money after you’ve used the CRM for a month. Our CRM lets you export your data without additional costs. The Calls.AI premium plan is for viewing enriched business data about your leads and customers. Not sure if the data provides value? Not to worry…the first few “hits” are on us!

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