Three simple (and free) productivity hacks!

The dictionary defines productivity as, measure of efficiency of a person completing a task. In the last 10 years there’s been an entire productivity movement aimed at helping people become more efficient. There are productivity apps, productivity forums, productivity guru’s, productivity newsletters etc etc.

Calendar.AI calendar app & Calls.AI CRM app, definitely fall under the category of productivity apps and will certainly go a long way to making you more productive. But…we also thought we’d present you with some additional productivity hacks which are simple and easily implementable.

So here we go…3 simple productivity hacks!

Write things down!

This is so simplistic, yet so many people fail to do it. Years ago you would have been required to walk around with a pen and paper looking like a bit of a weirdo jotting things down, but today you can just create your own personal WhatsApp “group”, or list somewhere and write things down as you remember them. 

So many times we have things to do yet can’t remember what they are. This is especially true regarding small tasks. “Call Grandma”, “Write a letter to so and so” etc. We have 15 minutes free which we end up wasting watching some esoteric video of dolphins dancing on YouTube but we neglect the otherwise simple yet important tasks we have on our plates because we simply didn’t write them down. 

Did you know that Calendar.AI will soon have a built in agenda function for its calendar app?

That means you can schedule a meeting with yourself and keep a running agenda of things you want to remember. 

Read it and deal with it. 

If you’ve already spent time reading an email or document from an employee, co-worker, friend etc. try and deal with it on the spot. When you leave it sitting in your inbox you are almost assured you’ll have to spend more time dealing with it later as you will in all probability have to read it yet again to refresh your memory as to the issue in hand. Productivity means getting it done in the most efficient way, so if you’ve already taken the time to read it, try and deal with it.

DId you know that Sync.AI is going to be developing a comprehensive email extension which will synchronize with your calendar and calls? Don’t want to deal with an email immediately but you’re worried you’ll end up forgetting about it? Schedule a time to deal with it or put a future call in your CRM tasks! 

Consistency is King!

Some people like to complain that routines are boring and predictable. They prefer to be spontaneous. That might work while on vacation, but when you’re in the office you want to maximize your effectiveness, and that often means consistency.

Do you have a morning routine, where you check sales numbers? Read up on industry news? Catch up with your employees? If yes, don’t let anybody talk you out of it! Being consistent is one of the top ways for us to be efficient as well as out movements and brains are working with muscle memory. Start mixing things up a little and you’re liable to find yourself catching some drag which will only slow you down. 

Remember part of winning the productivity battle, is choosing the right tools, and with Calendar.AI calendar app, and Calls.AI CRM app you can’t go wrong!

Stay tuned for more productivity hacks next week! 

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