Productivity Hacks Take 2!

Last week we started delving into various productivity hacks. In continuing in that same lane, here are a few more simple and free productivity hacks for you! Yes, we’ll get to the calendar app and CRM app stuff later but first…

Leave distractions behind

Open space seating has become all the rage in many offices. But with open space seating comes the challenges of distractions galore. General noise, music, people wandering over to talk with you etc. It used to be, when someone had an office, if their door was closed it was probably a sign they were working on something and should not be disturbed. So if you find yourself sitting in open space and you need some quiet time, book a small office to call your own for a while and simply shut the door. For even greater impact, hang a sign on the door saying, “Please do not interupt”

Bonus Tip: Try and book a room that isn’t a “fishbowl” i.e. no massive glass windows/door enabling every busybody who walks by to peak inside.

Turn off notifications

Keeping in line with leaving distractions behind, with WhatsApp, Slack, E-mail, FB, text messages, (do people still send those?!) etc. you can literally find yourself getting an alert every few minutes. It’s not easy to keep one’s train of thought when every 5 minutes you are getting distracted with some alert. So hit that “shut off all alerts” button and block out all distractions.

Are you waiting on an important phone call but don’t want to be otherwise distracted? Use the Calls.AI CRM app to label names in your phone as urgent and override your call settings!

Use Consistent Tools

You knew we’d get to a bit of self promotion at some point! With the unlimited number of productivity apps, CRM softwares, and task management tools out there, it’s easy to get lost in a sea of follow-ups and tasks. By choosing the right tool first, and sticking with it, you can make sure all your action items, tasks, follow-ups etc, are in one place and are all connected to the rest of your work. 

Calendar.AI calendar app, makes it easy to create follow-ups which are connected to specific meetings. Next time that meeting rolls around you’ll know exactly where your to-do list is. 

With Calls.AI CRM you can track individual tasks to individual leads and never miss a sale. 

Stay tuned for more free and simple productivity hacks from Calendar.AI and Calls.AI

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