Combatting “Zoom Gloom” Part II

Yesterday we wrote about “Zoom Gloom” which is an extremely relevant topic these days. With the Corona vaccine just starting to rollout it might be months before life returns to the “normal” we once knew. 

(Side note, be sure to schedule your vaccination into your calendar with your scheduling app!)

Today we will continue with the topic on how to avoid Zoom fatigue. Some of these things may seem simple but sometimes the simplest approach is the best. 

Don’t join every Zoom. 

There is a concept in life called “FOMO.” Fear of missing out. A zoom is such a naturally easy thing to do we just feel the need to jump on even if we don’t really have to. Are these lectures you are going to because everyone else is? Did your company schedule a talk about the psychology of Zoom, via Zoom?! 

Not every Zoom in your calendar or schedule needs to be attended. Decline can be your best friend! Use it…

Move to Google Meet!

I know this sounds totally absurd, but schedule meetings using alternative video conferencing tools! Firstly, it can be “fun”. You can spend the first 10 minutes laughing about how you are sick and tired of being in Zoom meetings. 

There is also the added psychological advantage of literally not being in yet another zoom meeting. So when you schedule that meeting in your calendar app, instead of Zoom, try something else. 

Start off with some fun and end with something quirky

Tell people they literally can not join the Zoom meeting unless they first send in a funny meme. Or, everyone has to tell a favorite and appropriate joke! Where is it written that all Zoom meetings need to be as boring as your university lectures on the economic effect of the Civil War in post war society?

In the calendar invite, make it abundantly clear people will not be allowed into the Zoom with first fulfilling the prerequisites. That does sound a bit lik university now doesn’t it?!

Not everything has to be on Zoom!

If a year ago you would have simply picked up the phone and called someone, keep doing that. The other person will surely appreciate your gesture. We’ve become so accustomed to Zooming, we forgot what life was like before. Here too use your calendar and scheduling app as a vehicle for reminders to NOT use Zoom for this meeting. 

There you have it folks. Some simple yet highly effective ways to combat Zoom fatigue. Now wish me luck, I am off to my next Zoom meeting 🙂

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