How to combat “Zoom Gloom”!

Chances are if you are alive and have an internet connection you’ve been on your share of Zoom meetings in the last 10 months. Be it work calls, family gatherings, prayer services, protests, or any other gathering, you’ve probably had your fair share of it. In fact, you may already be suffering from Zoom Gloom!

What is Zoom Gloom?

Zoom Gloom” is that feeling of dread and despair you get when it’s time for yet another Zoom meeting, no matter how joyous the occasion may be! Do I have on the right clothing? Is my house clean enough to be seen on screen? Will my children and or spouse not interrupt several times, perhaps in embarrassing ways? Will I forget to turn off my microphone by accident and mutter incomprehensibly under my breath when John from accounting starts talking about his trains again?! If I have to use the bathroom during a meeting, do I turn off the video or leave it running and just walk away?

How to combat Zoom Gloom?

There are some simple tactics you can use to combat this feeling of despair when it comes to Zoom meetings but remember, it all starts in your own head. Use the meetings as an opportunity to to be creative, chance your pace, connect with others etc. But on a more practical level here are some simple ways to combat Zoom Gloom.

Chance up your location

A lot of people keep their home set up with a Zoom studio, i.e. a small corner of their house which is always tidy, with a nice background and if possible out of earshot of their screaming kids! But, that can lead to despair as well, i.e. being related to the same corner of the house every time there is a call. 

Try changing locations sometimes and see how it makes you feel. Do you have a porch? Use it! Do you have a garden you can sit in and bask in the sun while on an update call? Go for it!

Since the location on most Zoom meetings is simple “Zoom”, use your calendar and scheduling app to pencil in your own location so you remember to step outside for that meeting. 

Preemptive attacks

Don’t wait for your curious 4 year old to open the door and run around the room screaming because he or she wants to see what’s going on? Tell them you have a really important meeting but everyone wants to meet them first. Chances are your child will realize very quickly that Zoom calls aren’t much fun and will simply leave you alone. 

It’s important to prepare for your children for these types of meetings as well. Use your calendar and scheduling app to put reminders to talk to your kids a few minutes before they debut in a meeting, 

Zoom Free Zone

Schedule yourself as many zoom free zones as you possibly can! Instead of tiring yourself out from Zoom every day, try and schedule as many of your Zooms into as few days as possible. You can even try and make a game out of it if it helps! You’ll need a really smart calendar and scheduling app to help you manage the days you don’t want to Zoom. Lucky for you Calendar.AI can help you with this! Once you set your availability in the app people will be able to schedule meetings based on your schedule!

Zoom meetings can get overwhelming after a while but if you change up the pace, chance the location, and chance your mindset just a little, it can be a little easier to overcome that gloom!

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