Don’t let your CRM turn into Skynet!

At Calls.AI our team isn’t just focusing on today’s isn’t building an outstanding CRM for today, we’re laser focused on thinking about tomorrow challenges and opportunities as well. 

One of the main issues we’re currently facing is the delicate balance between personalization and automation. With advanced AI technology people can go months before they have to talk with a customer! 

Automate But Observate 

Imagine you are a beverage distributor and you have repeat customers who have been ordering from you for years. Their inventory is methodically tracked and their orders are generated when they hit specific levels.  

Your system automatically generated an email to the purchasing manager who 10 times out of 10 will approve the purchase of new inventory. In this case it might be months before you actually speak with your clients. 

Now unbeknownst to you another distributor could be moving in on your territory and you’d never know because you are missing personalisation!

You CRM isn’t a spy!

Your customers are literally never “safe”. Lurking behind every corner is another company just itching to take their orders with a CRM just as fancy as yours. If you aren’t personally in touch with a customer there is an excellent chance that one day you’ll get a “No Refill” notice from one of them because a competitor came in and undercut your price! Your CRM can’t possibly tell you that 4 other beverage distributors have been calling your client consistently getting them to move vendors.

Stay Personal

With today’s technology all the information you could ever need is literally at your fingertips. Emotional attachments still play a major factor in deciding business if all other things are more or less equal. “Sure, I could save a bit of money buying from another new distributor, but do they remember my birthday?!” 

When there is a problem with an order, are your customers sent through some automated phone messaging system or do they go directly to the head of the line?

Does your CRM send our generic holiday greeting cards which leave little or no impression or do you take the time to customize them based on the information you know about your customers? 

Your CRM should turn into Skynet!

Remember the Terminator movies when control of the nuclear arsonal was relinquished to a computer? Well that didn’t end well for them either!

Your CRM should serve your needs but never replace the human touch and emotional connection you can create with customers. 

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