What are you thankful for?

A Happy Thanksgiving to all our American customers! Even for those who aren’t celebrating Thanksgiving today it’s an excellent opportunity to list some of the things that we are grateful for. So here’s what Sync.AI is grateful for!

  1. Our customers! It sounds cliche but no business functions without customers. For those using our calendar app or those on our CRM, we are truly grateful to have you. And for those of you who provide feedback to us on a consistent basis about new features, we are even more grateful!
  1. Time! If you don’t have any time on your hands then you have no real need for a calendar app. So we’re certainly thankful for all the time that we have! Unfortunately during this pandemic some people have too much time on their hands but always remember too much time is better than none. 
  1. Business! If you’re in business these days that’s plenty to be thankful for. Even if you have one too many meetings in your calendar, be thankful you still have business to conduct. We certainly are!
  1. Family and friends! Even if we’re only meeting them on Zoom these days, it’s always nice to have friends and family. Isn’t it wonderful when you look at your calendar and see time blocked off for family zooms?
  1. Technology! We’re thankful for that advanced AI technology which controls our calendar app and CRM apps. Without them, all the productivity features we’ve invested in them wouldn’t function properly.
  1. Turkey and Football! It’s not Thanksgiving without those two ingredients, even if the games today aren’t much to write home about. 

What are you thankful for?

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