Five reasons to maximize your time!

In football, time management is one of the most underrated attributes a coach could have. When the game is winding down and your team needs one score to take the lead, it takes a special talent to call the right plays leading to a score, but not leaving too much time on the clock for the other team. It’s literally a combination of discipline, patience, and artistic ability. 

This week, here at Calls.AI and Calendar.AI we’re going to be posting about time management, featuring some basic tips and techniques for managing your calendar schedule and CRM more effectively. 

It shouldn’t have to be said, but managing our time is critical on so many levels. So before we even get into the tips and techniques let’s talk about the importance first! So here are five reasons why time management should be important to you, no matter what calendar app or CRM app you’re using! (But of course you should be using Calls.AI & Calendar.AI)

Five reasons why time management should be important to you!

Your work will improve

If you pace your work properly and manage your time well, you won’t find yourself in last minute crunches all the time, trying to finish an important report the night before it’s deadline. The quality of your will undoubtedly be improved as will your peace of mind not always having the pressure of last minute deadlines. Don’t want people trampling on your schedule and need to block off some work time? Calendar.AI has you covered with our smart scheduling calendar assistant!

Less stress…need we say more

Not managing one’s time efficiently can lead to enormous levels of unneeded stress. So much day to day stress levels can be cancelled by simply managing our time better. On top of that when we feel stressed we tend to sleep poorly, eat a bit unhealthy, lash out at family members, and simply procrastinate doing our work. So increased stress levels increases stress levels even more. Are you stressed about your leads and having to follow up in a timely fashion? Use Calls.AI mobile CRM to set yourself reminders and notes for each lead. A simple way to relieve some stress!

You’ll get that promotion!

People are always wondering what they need to do to get ahead at work. Well one thing is for sure, they need to be able to competently manage their time at the very least. If you walk around your office at a constant frenetic pace, and are always hanging in work at the last minute you certainly won’t find yourself at the head of the line for that promotion. If your calendar is disorganized and a mess nobody is going to want to put you in charge of a large division where you can wreak havoc on people’s schedules.  It probably doesn’t have to be said at this point but if you want to impress your colleagues with an incredible calendar app which makes it seem like you are always on top of your game, start using Calendar.AI.

Get more stuff done

This is an obvious one but people who have outstanding time management skills tend to accomplish a lot more with their time. Some people spend a large amount of time walking around their office complaining to anybody who will listen, about how busy they are. While others streamline their work, manage their time efficiently, and find time for important extracurricular activities. 

You’ll free yourself for opportunities

When the CEO pop’s in and says, “Who wants to join me for lunch?”, you’ll have some spare time because you’re on top of everything or at the very least you’ll be competent enough to rework your schedule. But not Joe…poor Joe is so disorganised and has left so many important tasks for the last minute. And to make matters worse, he’s going to miss out on this CEO pow-wow. 

So if you are feeling like you need a little boost to your productivity and workday, look no further than Calendar.AI and Calls.AI. We’ve got all your calendar scheduling and CRM needs taken care of!

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