Tips for improving your customer relationship!

Our goal at Calls.AI isn’t simply to build a wickedly good CRM app, rather it’s to help you boost your sales overall. So today we’ll focus less on CRM features and more on best practices you can implement to boost your customer relationships and sales pipeline. 

Obviously the most important part to managing your customer pipeline is having a CRM which suits your needs. With Calls.AI you have that covered as we discussed previously.

Stay Organized and Stay Focused

Your CRM app will only be as good as the attention to detail you provide it. If you get a new lead, be sure to input the appropriate tags and move them into the proper follow up column. If there was an immediate action item which needs attending write it down and tag the contact so you know who it’s for. 

Did you promise a price proposal? Remember with the CAlls.AI CRM app you can send an instant price proposal right from your dialer. So there’s really no reason for any delay. 

The more organized you are the better you’ll be able to follow up on all your leads.

Personalization wins the game

No CRM app can handle a sale for you.  At some point during the sales process you may need to score some extra points with your lead. By keeping personalized records about your leads you can greatly increase your chances of building a strong rapport with them. Do they like basketball? Write it down and make small talk about the latest game. Even better, after they close a deal or renew a contract, send them some tickets to a game or some paraphernalia from their favorite team. 

Follow up in a timeline manner

If you have a call with a lead and they say, “Call me back on Monday” be sure to call them back at the appropriate time. For all you know their budgets are being renewed that day and that the best time to close a deal.

Aside from that when you follow up on time it shows your lead that you are serious about doing business and are someone who can be trusted. 

Get feedback from your customers

An integral part of every business is getting feedback from customers.  With the Calls.AI CRM app you can input that information directly into their contact details and reference it as you go. If a customer says, “Tuesday is my day with the kids”, then you know never to call them on a Tuesday. If you customer doesn’t want to be calls and only wants WhatsApp messages, write it down! 

The Calls.AI CRM is only as good as the data that goes into it and only as good as the person operating it. We’ll give you the right CRM tool, but the rest is on you!

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