Is your CRM as flexible as you are?

Most CRM’s would like you to believe that there is a one size fits all way to manage your leads and customers. They have implementation programs, success managers, training manuals etc. True, CRM management requires a bit of finesse and maybe some guided structure, but it also requires a lot of personalization and self awareness. 

The Calls.AI CRM provides a simple and intuitive CRM app which you can manage based on your own business needs. 

In depth customization

Let’s start with your customizable and personalized tagging system. You want a column in your CRM for just redhead clients? That’s your prerogative. You want to tag annoying clients with a DNR (Do Not Respond), go for it! The beauty of Calls.AI CRM is that the entire system is set up to serve you. There are no rigid structures and no lengthy and elaborate training sessions needed to operate this CRM platform. 

Instant Price Proposals

Let’s talk about price proposals, because all the phone calls in the world won’t help unless a lead gets a physical proposal in their hands. And even then no deal is closed until a signed proposal is returned. Some CRM systems require multiple levels of sign off before a lead can be sent a proposal, and others have robust systems which can only be accessed from a computer. With Calls.AI you can talk to a lead, and send a price proposal directly from the app through a variety of communication channels. Not only that, our price proposals come fully customizable with your logo, currency, taxes and other parameters you can change when needed or save from proposal to proposal. 

Professional Caller ID

Another exciting feature of our CRM app is the fact that it’s combined with a cutting edge professional Caller ID. Now you can stop wasting your time answering calls from robots and only talk with potential customers. 

Enriched Business Insights

We saved the best part for last! Calls.AI CRM is the only CRM app which provides enriched data insights about your leads and customers. Just tap on a contact and you’ll see, work history, blogs, news, Twitter handles, etc. It’s all the information you need right at your fingertips enabling you to boost your sales. Are you calling a new lead and want to have some initial talking point to help break the ice? Simply click on their contact in the CRM and you’ll get all the insights you need to make a great first impression!

So if uptight stuffy CRM’s aren’t your cup of tea, turn to the CRM app which fits right into the comfort of your dialer! Calls.AI is at your service.

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