I have no time for a “CRM Strategy”!

Are you a small business owner who has found themselves uttering that exact phrase?

Creating a CRM strategy can be extremely overwhelming for small business people. They are used to the hustle and bustle of daily life, running after clients, making impromptu follow-up calls, and generally just dealing with leads as they roll in. But as we wrote about last week, it’s critical to develop a CRM strategy if and only if it helps you choose the best CRM app to manage your leads with. 

Why develop a CRM strategy? 

A CRM strategy will propel your business forward in a few different ways. Firstly, it will provide your leads with a more enjoyable experience as they will receive refined messaging from you, tailor made offers etc. You won’t appear to be putting it together as you go. 

Peace of Mind

More importantly is that you will have some peace of mind. When your CRM strategy is set your business will run a heck of a lot smoother! “Did I call that guy back?” “Where is the offer I made him?” You’ll have everything properly documented  in your CRM app for you to reference.

Create Cohesion 

If your team is slightly larger than a one-person show, a CRM strategy means everyone is working off the same page. You can help create cohesive messaging between a salesperson and an account manager.

Choosing the right CRM app

Once you have outlined your strategy you can then choose the right CRM app for your business which will help you determine if your CRM strategy is working! If you have no coherent strategy and just throw everything against the wall and see what sticks, how will you ever know what really works? You could be wasting hundreds of precious hours doing things which literally have no business impact. 

Prioritize Leads

A properly defined CRM strategy working in conjunction with a CRM app will also help you prioritize your leads. Hopefully you[ll be in a situation where you have a massive number of leads which have to be dealt with. If you have no CRM strategy and no CRM how will you ever prioritize which leads to deal with first?

Are you priced out of the market? 

One of the biggest challenges in choosing a CRM is finding the right one for the right price point. So many service providers charge a basic fee and then bundle in an exorbitant amount of add-ons at a corresponding exorbitant price. Many business find it difficult  and daunting to choose a CRM app under these circumstances. 

Calls.AI was specifically designed to meet the needs of small businesses owners looking for a high quality CRM app but with a low price point. Our CRM app is full customizable to suit your every need. Go ahead check it out!

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