Caring for customers with a mobile CRM app

At Calls.AI mobile CRM app we remember the age old expression…”care for your customers, they are the ones keeping you in business!” One of our company’s foundational building blocks is listening to customer feedback as we’re constantly in a loop of developing, releasing, feedback, repeat. But, one of the ways we receive feedback is by asking for it. It sounds simple, but if your mobile CRM app isn’t helping you with that, you just might be neglecting it. 

How do you care for customers?

Does your mobile CRM app help you care for your customers? Does it literally help you care for them with reminders, important information about them, etc or do you simply store their contact data in hope of using it one day? Are your customers made to feel special and unique or are they one of thousands getting the same generic treatment?

If you really want to show you care about customers on an individual level it’s important to develop CRM tactics which focus on this particular issue. 

What are some useful CRM tactics to show you care?

There are a variety of tactics one can use to manage their customers and leads. In the last 20 years, email has featured heavily in this arena. Email is non invasive, (as opposed to WhatsApp) and can be used more creatively than other messaging tools. Here are a few tips. 

  1. Thank you emails to customers! Does your mobile CRM send out thank you notes to customers after they purchase? 
  2. Does it offer any sort of birthday discount or greeting card for their special day? 
  3. New products notifications: Does your mobile CRM notify your customers when a new product is launched? 

Other mobile CRM tactics

  1. Cross selling new products. Just sending generic product updates is nice but what if you were to send product updates regarding things which are actually relevant to their current products?
  2. Surveys! A well thought out survey shows that you really care about them and about what they have to say. But be careful, if you send some generic form with endless silly questions it will have the opposite effect of what you intended. 
  3. Reaching out to lapsed customers. Nothing feels worse for a customer than disappearing and having nobody even pay attention. If a customer generally orders every X days and now you are at X+ 3, it’s probably a good time to reach out and just see what’s happening. 

Mobile CRM apps are getting more and more sophisticated as technology develops. But as we’ve written many times before and app is only as good as the information being put in and the tactics about how that information is being used. 

Calls.AI mobile CRM is one of the most flexible mobile CRM apps on the market today. Be sure to check it out!

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