Is your mobile CRM a “sumo-wrestler” or a “yoga practitioner?”

What happens in your business when a potential customer drops their name into an email capture asking for more information or calls one of your account manager’s asking for a demo? Do you have a predefined process for determining if it is indeed a valid lead or do you simply chase every single lead which walks through your inbox? Does your mobile CRM app capture everyone’s information in the exact same way and treat them all equally? Calls.AI mobile CRM has some thoughts about that we’d love to share!

Who is your customer?

One of the most important aspects of any business is having an understanding of who your customers are. When it comes to choosing a mobile CRM app this becomes even more critical since you are literally always on the go. How much of your customers’ information do you have to get immediately to vet them? Do you have a long questionnaire  about their needs and requirements or it just leaves some personal details and we’ll get back to you?

What is your position?

There is a good chance your customers have also done their homework in terms of what your services or products are. Maybe they read an online review that you are low-cost and no fills but exceed all product expectations. Perhaps they saw that you are a company with some panache which delights them every time they open an email. The more you can be consistent with regards to your brand and product the more your customers will come to instantly recognize you when it matters. 

Post-sale follow-up

You made a sale! You must feel very proud of yourself? But it’s what comes after that sale which matters most to the growth of your business. Is your customer satisfied with their purchase? Does your product meet all their expectations? When do they expect to hear from you about a follow-up purchase or a courtesy call just to make sure everything is ok? Post-sale follow up is often one of the most neglected parts of any CRM strategy. Make sure your mobile CRM app is programmed to deal with the post-sale as well. 

Service Issues

The saying goes…it is far easier to retain a customer than to acquire a new one. Does your mobile CRM app track existing customers in a way which is convenient for you? Does it notice when a customer is absent, i.e doesn’t place an order? Being proactive with customer service is critical for any organization. Left unchecked, service issues wil fester like a sore constantly leaving a nagging pain within your organization. 

Traditional vs Modern

Traditional mobile CRM apps can be bulky and cumbersome. They require multiple fields to be filled in before they will even capture a prospects data. More modern mobile CRM apps are nimble and flexible. It’s sort of like Sumo wrestling vs. Yoga.  If you are a small business owner who is simultaneously fielding new sales leads but also dealing with existing business accounts you almost certainly want a more yoga style mobile CRM app. 

Calls.AI is at your service!

We realize that you maybe looking for a mobile CRM app which is both flexible but packs a powerful punch. At Calls.AI offers you a chance to customize your CRM as you see fit, but also offers an AI powered enriched business data solution allowing you to see insights into your leads and customers. It’s sort of like if a Yoga practitioner and Sumo-wrestler got married and had a baby 🙂

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