Why real estate agents prefer the Calls.AI real estate CRM

It has been a while since we’ve tootted our own horn about the Calls.AI real estate CRM and its usage in the real estate industry but here we go again. We polled several real estate agents about their preferred CRM of choice and here are the responses in their raw and unfiltered format. 

Kim R. Senior Agent,  ReMax, Chicago: 

I have used multiple methods to keep track of my leads and customers. Pen and paper, voice notation, full scale CRM’s etc but Calls.AI real estate CRM provides with the flexibility I need to keep track on the fly without all the bulkiness of a full scale CRM. I used one platform which didn’t allow me to input data without certain obligatory fields which weren’t relevant! 

Joseph T. Real Estate Consultant, Coldwell Banker, Phoenix:

I discovered Calls.AI real estate CRM through a client of mine when I was lamenting my ability to keep track of all my leads  during Corona. Yes, I realize it’s a “problem” we should all wish for! But still, I was looking for a way to get to know some of my out of town customers who were literally buying houses sight unseen once Corona hit. Calls.AI real estate CRM provides a birds eye view of all my contacts, including work history, social media profiles, news, etc. It gives me a chance to “get to know them” before we even talk. That way our initial conversations are all the more pleasant. 

Tina J. Real Estate Agent, Shorewest Realtors, Wisconsin

My problem is that I am just a scatterbrain! Between my work life and family I find it so difficult to keep track of my follow-ups with customers. I used to keep a massive excel spreadsheet with a to do list but it got to be overwhelming. The Calls.AI real estate CRM offers customizable columns for me to simply drag and drop each lead into its relevant category. I just look at my phone and it gives me the list of leads, and follow-ups for today. This is by far the best real estate CRM app I have ever used, and at my age, I have used tons 🙂

Introducing Digital Business Cards

Last week we launched personalized digital business cards, which enable even small businesses and individual real estate agents  to create a digital business card in seconds. Imbedded in each card is a call-back functionality which allows leads and prospects to let you know when is the best time to reach them. 

We can’t quite claim to have set out to build a real estate CRM but it certainly has caught on in this industry. If you work in the real estate industry and have some suggestions on how to improve the Calls.AI real estate CRM app, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! 

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