Does your sales CRM app handle crazy customers!?

You may think you have perfected your sales CRM funnel and are using the best sales CRM app, but there’s one thing you can never really account for – crazy customers! That’s right, just like a full-house beats a straight, so too a crazy customer will always beat a strong sales CRM app! (Unless of course you are using the Calls.AI sales CRM app!

The following story actually took place

Merrick T. is a beverage distributor in the Midwest, United States. He’s been working the same route for about 15 years, servicing gas stations, bars, mon & pop shops, convenience stores, and a few local supermarket chains. He knows his customers like the back of his own hand and uses two sales CRM systems to keep track of orders, including the sales CRM, Calls.AI. 

Merrick often grew his business through word of mouth. A new store opened up, they’d hear about him and order inventory through him. He was honest, reliable, and friendly. Small scale operations could easily be tracked in his sales CRM app. 

License and registration please..

One of his longtime customers had a friend, who had a friend etc who called him and ordered 50 cases of beer. Merrick knew that for such a quantity he was obligated to check the proprietor’s liquor license. Ordinarily this never presented any problems and people were more than happy to oblige. This particular customer went off the rails. Merrick didn’t need this headache and said, maybe it’s better you bought your inventory from someone else. Needless to say this even further agitated his potential client. 

The problem followed him home.

When the first call came in at 10:30 PM, Merrick thought he had an emergency on his hands. Turns out it was just this crackpot client trying to reach him. Luckily his sales CRM app comes complete with a Caller-ID function so he never had to worry about answering the phone again. 

But this guy was persistent! He made calls from other numbers as well. Each time Merrick just added them into the SPAM filter of his sales CRM app and would never have to worry about this joker again. 

Saved by your sales CRM app

Calls.AI sales CRM app was specifically designed to come complete with a professional caller-ID feature. We realize your time is too precious to be wasted on useless calls and nobody wants to interrupt a meeting or conversation to answer an unknown number which turns out to be a SPAM call. 

For a limited time, the Calls.AI sales CRM app is offering a 7-day free trial, which comes complete with unlimited enriched data and business insights into leads and customers. Had Merrick taken the time to actually look up this customer he would have seen a trail of destruction left behind in the form of numerous failed businesses and bankruptcies. But Merrick is a nice guy and trusted his longtime customer. Live and learn…trust Calls.AI sales CRM app!

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