Digital Business Cards are free with Calls.AI CRM!

A quick Google play search shows that there are literally hundreds of apps to create digital business cards. But why download yet another app when Calls.AI CRM enables you to create your own digital business cards, instantly! Let us explain…

What is a digital business card?

A digital business card is a file that contains all of your essential information regarding you and your company and can be shared with the tap of a button. Your customers will see your name, position, contact information, social channels, logo, etc. They can store it under your contact information in their phone and never have to search for any of your details again. 

Advantages to a digital business card

With printed business cards, you have to first design the layout, find a place to print, and of course be within physical proximity of someone to hand them a card! Of course the next time you change email addresses, or your twitter handle, you have to go back and reprint all your cards. 

There’s also the ability to be flexible with the information you distribute. Maybe you have a work number and a private number but only want to allow your VIP clients access to your private line. With printed cards, you would have to create two versions and carry them around with you. With a digital business card you simply send the relevant card to the relevant lead or customer. 

Why do I need a Calls.AI CRM digital business card?

Unlike other digital business cards which are simply electronic versions of your physical one, Calls.AI CRM digital business cards feature a built-in call back function. If you are on a call or can’t answer the phone but don’t want to miss out on a lead, you send them the digital business card and they can conveniently book the best time for you to reach them. 

The Calls.AI CRM digital business card is easy to use with simple drag and drop technology, allowing you to create your card with a few simple taps. You can upload logos, pictures, and other information directly from your phone into the digital business card. 

The best part is that our cards are included with our CRM free! No additional fees, no additional apps to install, and no charges for every change you make. Right now, Calls.AI CRM is offering a 7 day free-trial for all new customers! 

With CAlls.AI CRM digital business cards, you’ll never miss a chance to turn a lead into a customer. 

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