Arrive on time…every time!

Being on time for business meetings is considered basic etiquette. Remember how in the “old days” you sort of had to be on time because it was generally assumed the other person was sitting and waiting for you. Nowadays it seems a lot of business meetings are starting late because it’s so easy just to message someone and say, “I’ll be there in ten minutes”. 

Why it’s important to be on time?

Before we even introduce our travel time feature, let’s examine why it’s important to arrive on time for business meetings. Who wants to start a meeting off with that kind of message? Think about how does it impact the business meeting itself? Most people probably can’t even imagine how being late to a business meeting speaks volumes about themselves, their company, their work etc but it sure does. Let’s examine the various ways. 

Start off on the right foot

Being on time starts every meeting off on the right foot! There’s no need for you to hastily rush in, apologize, and phumfer around with your stuff while you get set up. You don’t have to talk about how your calendar app didn’t set off the reminder you created etc. When you arrive on time you start off meetings calmly and in complete control. This is especially true if you are running into sales meetings. If someone is going to commit to buy into a $1M system for example they certainly won’t want to feel rushed. This leads to the next point..

Stealing time is bad

It sounds cliche, but stealing time is literally the worst kind of stealing there is. If you steal $100, you can always give it back, but when you steal time from a business meeting it’s impossible to return.  Not only that but when you steal time from a potential customer it doesn’t exactly make you look 100% reliable and or honest.  And again, telling them your business calendar app owes them the money for lost time is a cheap joke at their expense.

There is no need to make excuses

Running into a meeting late is bad enough, running into a meeting late and offering up some lame excuses is just plain awful. “I got stuck in traffic”, or “I couldn’t find the restaurant”, doesn’t exactly install confidence in the prospective customer. If you are running late, just apologize matter factly, and say there is no excuse. It will show that you are taking responsibility for your actions, and that’s a trait most customers would love to see. 

Calendar.AI Gets You There on Time

Calendar.AI business calendar isn’t just a neat tool to help you set business meetings and keep agenda’s. We also want to get you there on time! We’re proud to introduce our “Travel Time” feature for all premium customers. For every business meeting in your calendar, you’ll see how much time you should leave yourself to get there. 

So now, along with the enriched business data about the people and company’s, you’ll arrive on time and with the information you need to create successful business meetings!

Start your 7 day free trial now!

Not a premium member yet? Not to worry. We’re offering a free 7 day trial for all new customers! You get unlimited enriched insights and a host of other premium features with your subscription. 

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