Never miss an opportunity to make a great first impression!

Calendar.AI’s business calendar was meant to be more than just a place to keep a list of your business meetings and agendas. Our intention was to build a business app to help you achieve success in business. 

With so many other calendar apps in the market we wanted to take a minute to remind everyone why we think our business calendar is still tops! And it all starts with a good first impression. 

Why first impressions count

We are all familiar with the age old adage “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”. First impressions matter most, but the question is why?!

Imagine you leave for work for the day and just as you are about to get into your car, you spill your coffee all over your brand new suit. Now let’s pretend you can’t change, you can’t buy a new suit, and you have to be on time for work. It’s safe to assume that for the entire ride to the office your mind will be preoccupied with your spilled coffee. No matter how hard you try and banish it to the recesses of your mind, it will likely stck. 

First impressions are similar. The entire path of your journey when meeting new people will be tainted with a poor first impression. It’s like an imaginary fork in the road with one path leading to paradise and another leading somewhere else, and the only difference is that first impression, 

We exaggerate, but so what!

Yes, many people have stories about blowing first impressions, but why take a chance! Our business calendar app is specifically designed to help you minimize any chance for a problematic first impression. 

Get there on time

A major part of creating a good impression is simply showing up on time. So we spent countless hours developing our “travel time” feature for the business calendar, knowing so many people are taking meetings outside the office. Simply activate this feature and every meeting will have a heads up display of the estimated travel time you need to leave yourself to get where you are going. What other business calendar app will do that?!

Come prepared with information

There’s a good chance that if you are meeting a prospect about selling a specific widget, knick knack, or doohickey, 3-5 other people have also met with them. But how many of those people have a business calendar app which provides enriched business data about the people they are meeting with?

With Calendar.AI you simply tap on the people in your business meetings and we’ll provide all the information you need to make that meeting a success, by making a great first impression! Check their schooling, employment history, social media channels etc and walk in with the confidence that you’ll have some excellent talking points to hit the ground running. 

Say goodbye to scheduling issues!

Our business calendar app enables you to set your schedule and provide others a link to create meetings based on your availability. What better way to create a great first impression than showing you are efficient and considerate about everyone’s time. You won’t have to email or call a prospect 7 times just to find out when is a convenient time for them to meet. 

What are you waiting for?

Get started with the Calendar.AI business calendar app today and activate your 7 days free-trial! Start making excellent first impressions today!

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